Josie Harris was found dead on the night of Monday, March 9, inside her car

— the mother of Floyd Mayweather’s three children was pronounced dead after the police found her unresponsive

— death did not seem to be a homicide case and the police treated it as just that


— the 40-year-old Harris and ex-lover Mayweather had previously been in a hostile relationship that saw the boxer accused of domestic abductions.

Harris was found dead Monday night, March 9, at her home in Valencia, California.

In her California home Josie Harris was found dead in her car.


Photo credit: The Blast Source: UGC

According to TMZ, the mother of Floyd’s three children was pronounced dead at around 9.30pm after police found her unresponsive within her car.

The death of the 40-year-old did not appear to be a case of murder and the police viewed it as an inquiry into death as opposed to her being killed.

Josie Harris took Floyd to court for defamation claims Photo: The Blast Source: UGC

Harris’ relationship with the boxer was not one to admire as there were allegations of domestic violence during their time together.

Mayweather was convicted of domestic violence back in 2010 and it led to him serving two months behind bars. The two had dated each other for about 15 years from 1995 to 2010 before calling it quits.

However, in a previous interview, the boxer denied ever hurting his ex-lover saying he was only trying to help by stopping her from taking drugs. He said if that was the reason he was sentenced, then he was guilty. The two were still involved in a court case where Harris had sued the boxer for his claims in the interview. Harris was an ambitious actress before her sudden death.

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