Music being one of the best thing of life,  heals and God has made musicians the best tools to happiness.


Today Music has taking over the entire global trust, just like technology has taking over the world which has made it digital and easy that one can go round the world with just your android mobile phone.

Speaking on the best way to Promote your Music, first technology has made it very easy for musical artist and enterntament at large.

You can Promote Your music in so many way but there’s always better or best way to make things happen which is the Internet market which has transform Music industry for good.

Internet distribution marketing is the best way to Promote your Music, with internet you can shear or promotion you music to your fans and millions of people all over the world and partner with real music distributors who can help you deliver your tracks and musics globally to all nation in the world.

With the internet, you can control your Music and collect your royalties and can equally get ascess to other songs released. You can equally gain streaming . With the internet you Promote your Songs or Music on social medias platforms.

Spofty are giving intest more opportunity to trend, circulate and make your Music go viral and helps the artist increase the fans base which give more opportunity to gain more promotion deo it might be hard and challaging at first but to lieze the stress a bit you have to add to the least of most popular and outstanding outline hagout.

Below are best way to promote your song through internet online/ offline marketing:

  1. You have to find music bloggers to help You promote your music through there sites.
  2. Create a music website with wix music.
  3. Add your music to radio station and Tv stations too.
  4. Upload your music to spofty for better promotion.
  5. Use hash tag on twitter and instagram to get streaming easily.
  6. Spread your music with DOZMA.
  7. Host your music on Apple music/inture and others site.
  8. Get your own YouTube chanel and get it montized to give you more opportunity to get your loyalty.
  9. Farmiloarize yourself with redist music.
  10. Promote it on social media platform such as facebook, intagram, twitter, whatapp etc.
  11. Promote your shows on band suit own and song back.


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