In the ongoing BBNaija 2020 reality TV show, Big Brother Naija housemates, Lucy and Kaisha have been engaged in yet another fight.


A couple of days earlier, the two female housemates had been involved in a shouting match that culminated in them exchanging abusive names — Lucy had insinuated that Kaisha was behaving like a kid and reacting to her, Kaisha slammed Lucy and called her an old cargo.

After Sunday night’s live show, both of them were once again at each other’s throat and this time it was about an used sanitary pad.

Lucy had complained about the sanitary pad which she found inside the bathroom and also the bloodstain on the bed in the garden.

Triggered by Lucy’s complain, Kaisha shouted at her and told her to allow the issue be resolved among housemates. This led to a second shouting match between both of them as other housemates looked on.